The Synwer GmbH introduces itself

The German manufacturing company Synwer GmbH is located between Siebengebirge mountains and the Cathedral of Cologne. With its innovative products for roof, wall and construction connection joints, Synwer Group GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of air and wind sealing systems in Europe. If you are looking for a special solution, then you have come to the right place. On request, we are happy to develop individual solutions for the challenges of energy-efficient construction in close cooperation with you. Not only the entire experience and development competence of Synwer is at your disposal, but also our pleasure in the challenge. Our many years of experience guarantee a solution for your individual requirements. For us the quality of our products always comes first, followed by environmentally friendly and sustainable production and resource processes. All products guarantee the highest perfection in processing and ensure maximum safety in the various application areas.

Our own production

With our modern production facilities the production of laminates up to a width of 3.20 m is no longer a problem. The use of high-tech adhesives enables us to use a variety of material combinations within the laminates, such as: polypropylene fleece in combination with polyethylene or polyamide films, for special applications in the construction sector.
We print, cut, wrap and pack up according to your wishes.
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The new generation of Synwer Roofing membranes

A new generation of roofing membranes begins with the ProteCtor series.
The combination of temperature-resistant polyester fleeces in connection with functional membranes made of PUR in a 3-layer composite is the cornerstone for a lifelong value retention of the construction.

The use of the innovative and material-saving composite technology for the production of the 3-layer ProteCtor roofing membrane plays a decisive role in the extreme durability of the ProteCtor roofing membrane.

Worth knowing

What do you call “increased requirements”?

According to the technical norm, not only the undercutting of the requirements of the standard roof inclination plays a role, whether a construction, as under tension, or as a sub-roof, but in addition to this, the Requirements that have an influence on the roof surface:
Construction, use, climatic conditions and local regulations.



Quality with systematic approach

Quality is an important guarantor for our success! Our products comply with the general standards and generally accepted technical rules.
Permanent production controls by our quality management as well as by a voluntary external production surveillance and the constant dialogue
with our customers, guarantees excellent quality Made in Germany.