Worth knowing

What do you call “increased requirements”?

According to the technical norm, not only the undercutting of the requirements of the standard roof inclination plays a role, whether a construction, as under tension, or as a sub-roof, but in addition to this, the Requirements that have an influence on the roof surface:
Construction, use, climatic conditions and local regulations.


Roof pitch
An increased product standard shall be considered to be required if the standard roof pitch is undercut. The standard roof inclination depends on the shape of the roof tiles and the type of roof cover material.


Increased requirements from special design features are:
– Heavily structured roof areas
– special roof forms
– increased rafter lengths


The use of the attic floor, especially for residential purposes, represents
two further increased requirements for the roof construction.
Climatic conditions
Increased requirements due to climatic conditions may result in
– Exposed location
– Extreme locations
– Snow rich areas
– Windy areas
– Special wind conditions
Local regulations
Increased requirements can result from the following situations:
– State building regulation
– building control regulations
– town, district, municipal ordinance or statutes
– requirements of the protection of historical monuments