Syn 100 SD 2

Syn 100 SD 2• Vapour Control layer with Fixed vapour permeable properties
With its robust quality and an Sd value of 2.00m, this membrane is highly suitable for
installation from inside and outside.


For interior work and boat-shaped installation over the rafters from outside

Article number1180
Surface weightEN1849-2100 g/m2
Thickness0,35 mm
Tear resistance
LengthwiseEN 12311-1220 N/50 mm
TransverseEN 12311-1160 N/50mm
Nail pull-out resistance
LengthwiseEN 12310-1130 N
TransverseEN 12310-1120 N
LengthwiseEN 12311-170%
TransverseEN 12311-160%
Sd valueDIN EN ISO 125722,00 m
Water tightnessEN 1928W1
Fire behaviourEN 13501Class E
Temperature application range-40° bis +100°C
UV stability2 months
Outdoor exposure period
Temporary roofingkeine
Dimensions1,50 / 3,00 * 50 m
Delivery unit1 Pallet = 30 rolls