Syn Sd 1500

Syn Sd 1500The Syn Sd 1500 vapour barrier is an easy-to-install and robust vapour barrier particularly suited for areas where
increased dampness is expected, or
where moisture-free construction is required.
• 5-Layer PP-PE-Alu-PE-PP
• Vapour proof sd value > 1500 m
• Particularly robust
• Protected against alkaline effects by aluminium coated with protective film
• Particularly easy to install thanks to flexible haptics


Common applications:
• For roof constructions on sandwich panels
• With a particularly high degree of moisture,
for instance with swimming pools,
commercial kitchens, etc..
• Under flat EPDM/PVC roofs
• Suitable for installing under screed

Article number1440
Surface weightEN1849-2130 g/m2
Thickness0,49 mm
Tear resistance
LengthwiseEN 12311-1219 N/50 mm
TransverseEN 12311-1134 N/50mm
Nail pull-out resistance
LengthwiseEN 12310-1130 N
TransverseEN 12310-1120 N
LengthwiseEN 12311-168%
TransverseEN 12311-161%
Sd valueDIN EN ISO 12572> 1500m
Water tightnessEN 1928W1
Fire behaviourEN 13501Class E
Temperature application range-40° bis +100°C
UV stability3 months
Outdoor exposure period
Temporary roofingkeine
Dimensions1,50 * 50 m
Delivery unit1 Pallet = 30 rolls