KP Fassaden Front Tape

KP Fassaden Front Tape
Adhesive strip especially for
overlapping facade membranes.


KP Facade Front Tape for weatherpoof and thermal sealing of steep roofs and facades.
Adhesive tape system for sticking Head facade membranes, Head sarking and underlay membranes and their junctions  where they overlap, touch, connect and penetrate. It complies with the high requirements for permanent bonding of draught-proof layers as per the EnEV and DIN 4108 part 7, as well as wind-proof and rain-proof bonding of facades, sheathing membranes and waterproofing membranes. It also bonds excellently to wood panels, PE construction foil and construction paperboard. Suitable for making temporary roofs and securing seams and perforations as per ZVDH.

Product characteristics
Immediate bonding guaranteed on almost all surface with a polyacrylate-based adhesive. The backing material in black LDPEco foil with a reinforcing adhesive film assure constant flat adhesion on the surface structure of the foils, prevents folding particularly with high heat and temperature fluctuations, thereby guaranteeing windproof and rainproof sealing of the adhesion bonding. The special polyacrylate adhesive regulates the sealing properties where there is moisture exposure to steam or rainwater run-off and guarantees an extremely long service life for bonding with steady component movements. Where
windproof layers overlap, particularly in building wraps, we recommend additional sealing with Head connection glue.

 Processing instructions
The surfaces to be bonded must be dry, free of dust, dirt and grease, and be free from any residues of detergent or processing aids. Condensation and all mentioned residues should be wiped off. All bonds should be done without tension according to recognized technical rules in accordance with the design recommendations of DIN 4108 Part 7. In the case of designs in which no tension-free bonding can be ensured, additional mechanical fixing must be used. All bonds should be done at the recommended processing temperature and with sufficient contact pressure and must be checked before the final covering for adequate bonding and, if necessary, reworked.

Working temperature:
recommended + 5 C° , workability from – 10 C°

Packaging units:
Art. no. 1388 60 mm x 25 m 10 rolls/box