KP Tape 1 PE

KP Tape 1 PEAdhesive tape especially for
outdoor use
KP Tape 1 PE is a sealing adhesive tape for thermal sealing of steep roofs. Due to its universal adhesive properties, it is suitable
as a system tape for bonding Head wraps and underlays and Syn vapour barriers, as well as their transitions on overlaps, joints, connections and penetrations. It complies with the high requirements for permanent bonding of draught-proof layers as per the EnEV and DIN 4108 part 7. It also bonds
excellently to wood panels, PE construction foil and construction paperboard. Suitable for making temporary roofs and securing seams and perforations as per ZVDH.

Product characteristics
The highly effective adhesive guarantees a sufficient immediate adhesion on virtually all surfaces. The carrier material, made from a smooth LDPE film, ensures optimum seal on different substrates and their material transitions.

Processing instructions
The surfaces that are going to be glued must be dry, free of dust, dirt and grease, and be free from any residues of detergent or processing aids. Condensation and all mentioned residues should be wiped off. All bonds should be done without tension according to recognized technical rules in accordance with the design recommendations of DIN 4108 Part 7. In the case of designs in which no tension-free bonding can be ensured, additional
mechanical fixing must be used. All bonds should be done at the recommended processing temperature and with sufficient contact pressure and must be checked before the final covering for adequate bonding and, if necessary, reworked.

Working temperature:
recommended + 5 C° , workability from – 10 C°

Packaging units:
Art. no. 1164 60 mm x 25 m 10 rolls/box