Syn Sd 1500

Syn Sd 1500The Syn Sd 1500 vapour barrier is an easy-to-install and robust vapour barrier particularly suited for areas where
increased dampness is expected, or
where moisture-free construction is required.
• 5-Layer PP-PE-Alu-PE-PP
• Vapour proof sd value > 1500 m
• Particularly robust
• Protected against alkaline effects by aluminium coated with protective film
• Particularly easy to install thanks to flexible haptics


Common applications:
• For roof constructions on sandwich panels
• With a particularly high degree of moisture,
for instance with swimming pools,
commercial kitchens, etc..
• Under flat EPDM/PVC roofs
• Suitable for installing under screed

Syn SD Reflex

Syn SD ReflexHeat-reflecting vapour barrier. Its highly reflective aluminised surface reflects
heat radiation by up to 70%.

It can be used in the roof and wall, for reducing energy costs and for improving the interior climate.

Syn 100 SD 2

Syn 100 SD 2• Vapour Control layer with Fixed vapour permeable properties
With its robust quality and an Sd value of 2.00m, this membrane is highly suitable for
installation from inside and outside.


For interior work and boat-shaped installation over the rafters from outside

Syn SD Variable

Syn SD Variable

• Vapour Control layer with Variable vapour permeable propertiesControlled vapour diffusion through variable high performance membrane. Guarantees maximum security
for roof structure, thanks to high re-drying reserve.




Excellently suited for roof renovations from the outside and classical installation from inside.